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Fire Damage Restoration

The fire may be out, but the damage is still spreading. Not only does your home or business have fire and smoke damage, but the fire-extinguishing process created water damage as well. Both smoke and water damage will continue to grow and spread if they’re not cleaned up immediately.

Analyze Your Home

Detailed analysis of your home or business to determine the full extent of the fire, smoke and water damage.

Professional Grade Cleaning

Application of special cleaners to remove odor and soot from surfaces, including absorbent surfaces.

Professional Grade Equipment

Professional-grade equipment to circulate fresh air and to dry out carpets, upholstery, drywall, flooring and furnishings.

Remove, Repair and Inspect

Removal of damaged items, repair to drywall, ceilings and other items as needed, and detailed inspection conducted.

Fire and Smoke Damage Remediation

Debris Removal

Instead of going through the headache of finding a truck and trailer, tearing everything out, and hauling it away, you can leave those difficult jobs to us. We have the training, skill, and equipment to do the job right and in as fast a time as possible.

Water Clean Up

Not all water damage is a huge disaster. If you have water damage we can provide you with a free estimate and in some cases we can simply come in and extract the water from the affected area. We can provide you with all of these services and be at your home or business within an hour. This is why calling us is so important; we can tell you how bad the situation really is.

Complete Restoration

Our certified water and fire damage experts will be able to determine if the drywall needs to stay, be removed, or simply needs a few areas to be cut out so that the air can circulate with our equipment properly set up. After fully dried, it is possible to fill in the cut out sections and have your home be back to its original state.

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