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What Our Customers Have To Say

Callista O.
Callista O.
We had a water leak from an upstairs toilet, causing water damage down onto our main level. I reached out to Dan with 24/7 AquaDry and immediately received a call back to get on their schedule for a walkthrough and begin remediation. Chris and his crew of Caesar and Joe showed up on time, we're professional, and went to great lengths to protect our home as they removed drywall and tile. Everything was covered with painters plastic, and wood floors were covered with protective tarp. They did a great job of clearing everything out, working efficiently, providing updates throughout the process, treating any potential mold growth, and ultimately setting up fans and dehumidifiers to finish the drying process. Grateful for their efficiency and professionalism through the process. Would absolutely recommend 24/7 AquaDry!
Susan T.
Susan T.
A water leak in the wall created a mess in our home. 24/7 Aqua Dry was prompt to arrive and begin water mitigation. Dan and his team were professional and showed great respect for our home. They cleaned up daily and helped us to have access to areas for us to perform necessary laundry tasks. very, very pleased with the work!
Steven L.
Steven L.
#1 provider of restoration services that I have worked with for over 10 years. I personally recommend Dan as his responsiveness, accountability, reliability and quality are paramount. Thank you
E. C.
E. C.
In the middle of a move, two faulty valves in our home created a tremendous amount of water damage. Facing many tens of thousands of dollars worth of repairs, the stress we were already feeling as a result from the move was exacerbated...until we were in contact with AquaDry. AquaDry ensured that we stopped worrying about the extensive work taking place at our house. Dan and his team were quick, communicative, responsive, and professional at all times. Dan is clearly passionate and extremely knowledgeable about his work. I highly recommend their services and would certainly use them again if we're unlucky enough to suffer another water-related event.
Kristie T.
Kristie T.
Dan Diprima and AquaDry have been awesome! Everyone working at our home has been very professional and are willing to help with whatever we need. They have been very thorough, timely, and friendly. When I have questions, I get an immediate response, no matter what time of day. I have zero complaints and lots of praise for Dan, Tommy, and their crew!
Kristie D.
Kristie D.
Dan was so transparent with me from the moment I contacted him. He quickly responded (on a weekend) and set up a time to come for the mold assessment first thing the following Monday morning and kept in contact with me about his arrival time before arriving. He wore shoe scrubs over his shoes upon entering our home and was honest with us about what we needed to do regarding our mold problem. He was fair and honest with us, which is huge because as new homeowners we're still learning the ropes. He let us know that we could fix the problem on our own and walked us through the appropriate steps to take to remedy the problem. I would 10/10 recommend Dan!
Tonya H.
Tonya H.
We had an outstanding experience with Dan Friedman and his team, Gilbert, Thomas, Ben, and Brian. I especially appreciated from the very first meeting we had scheduled with Dan he immediately set a tone of "can do" and "will do" which proved out every step of the way. The nature of our repairs were in water and mold remediation from hurricane Florence and Michael. The team was timely, professional and friendly. They took great care in securing a safe environment while making all the necessary repairs and clean up. Needless to say, in some cases it was ceiling to floor repairs. It was a huge job with over 30 units and homeowners to deal with while having other properties/jobs as well. The owner, Dan Friedman kept me informed of all the processes along the way and maintained good responsive communication. They were thorough and worked very hard to do a great job. This was a very stressful time for us as I had just lost my Father a little more than a month when Florence hit and then Michael a month after. As the following months unfolded with the huge task facing us, I lost my uncle and my 17 year old fur baby less than 15 hours apart. Then emergency back surgery would follow 2 weeks later. Under the circumstances, Dan made the process go as smoothly as it possibly could. We were so thankful to have Aqua Dry in our corner. Thanks to Dan and his team for making a very trying situation go as smoothly as possible. We are grateful to Dan and his teams kindness and hard work ethic over the past months. Hands down, we would hire them over and over again. Great Job Aqua Dry and Team!
Annie T.
Annie T.
Dan Diprima was wonderful. Very patient and very prompt in returning calls. Explained everything thoroughly and did what he said he was going to do. He and his crew did a great job.
Samantha P.
Samantha P.
Dan came out for a free estimate today. He was on time, very professional, and explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend his services.

Why Choose Aqua Dry For Your Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration Needs?

When it comes to water damage cleanup, repair, and restoration, Aqua Dry is your reliable partner. We understand that even a minor water issue can quickly turn into a major home disaster. If you find yourself facing a water damage emergency, don’t hesitate to reach out to Aqua Dry. Our dedicated experts are at your service 24/7, ready to assist you anytime. Your home’s safety is our top priority.

Over 20 Years Experience Servicing Arizona

Trusted restoration company for over a decade.

Team Of Certified Professionals

Certified restoration experts with a wealth of knowledge.

Expertise In Water Restoration

A wealth of experience in all aspects of water restoration.

Residential And Commercial Restoration

No restoration job is too big for our team of professionals.

AquaDry – Water Damage Restoration

Call Our IMMEDIATE Response Team

Explore the range of expert solutions we offer to restore your property and peace of mind

Our comprehensive water damage restoration services cover every aspect of the restoration process. This includes a thorough assessment of the damage, water extraction, structural drying, dehumidification, and sanitation. We also provide specialized services such as mold remediation, fire and smoke damage cleanup, and odor removal to ensure a complete recovery.

Water Removal Service

Our water damage restoration process ensures that we not only address and resolve your water damage, but also thoroughly identify and seal all leaks.

Water Mitigation

We follow a series of tailored actions to minimize property damage, proactively prevent mold growth, and return your property to its original state.

Flood Restoration

We go beyond just cleaning up water. Our skilled teams also restore your belongings and repair the structures affected.

Structural Drying

At Aqua Dry, our structural drying service utilizes cutting-edge techniques to swiftly and effectively restore the integrity of your property.


What To Do If You Experience Water Damage?

Most homeowners don’t typically plan for water emergencies, but water damage can occur unexpectedly. Having a plan in place before a crisis can provide you with peace of mind. Aqua Dry offers some valuable tips to help you prepare.

Assess the extent of water damage to your property, identifying affected areas swiftly. Aqua Dry’s 24/7 rapid response team makes this crucial initial step easier, ensuring a quick evaluation.

Prioritize safety by turning off electricity and gas to eliminate hazards. Aqua Dry prioritizes your well-being throughout the restoration process.

Quickly remove standing water from your property using high-quality equipment. Aqua Dry employs state-of-the-art technology to ensure efficient water extraction.

Utilize advanced moisture meters to pinpoint hidden pockets of moisture that might lead to further damage. Aqua Dry’s expert technicians employ cutting-edge tools for comprehensive moisture detection.

Implement professional drying equipment to remove moisture from walls, floors, and ceilings, preventing structural damage. Aqua Dry’s specialists excel in structural drying to expedite the restoration process.

Carefully inspect your property for mold growth and apply effective remediation techniques. Aqua Dry’s trained professionals handle mold issues competently.

A storm, flood, or plumbing problem can leave your home with extensive water damage. Immediate action is necessary to mitigate the damage. AQUA DRY’s professionals specialize in repairing and restoring following residential water damage.

We offer professional water damage restoration services to help customers who have experienced any type of water damage in their homes. We have highly trained technicians who are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to effectively and efficiently remove standing water, dry out the affected areas, and restore damaged materials.

We understand how devastating water damage can be and works quickly to minimize the damage and prevent secondary issues such as mold growth. Our services include water extraction, structural drying, moisture detection, and mold remediation. With their 24/7 emergency response team, Aqua Dry is always available to assist customers during a water damage crisis and help restore their homes to pre-loss condition.

Our customer-focused professionals will assess the residential water damage to your property. Then, we’ll help you understand the severity of the damage so you’re able to make the best decisions for the restoration of your home. Our top-notch people use the most advanced equipment to detect hidden moisture and extract standing water.

We have more than 20 years of experience in repair and restoration so you can trust us to help you develop a water damage restoration plan to help ensure your home is clean, dry, and restored to its pre-damaged condition.


This website provides a guide on the steps to perform water damage restoration.

The Spruce

This website provides a comprehensive guide on how to deal with water damage in your home.

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

This website provides information on how to protect public health and the environment from the potential impacts of water damage.

Arizona Department of Health Services

This website provides information on how to protect yourself from the health hazards associated with water damage.

Emergency Flood Damage

We use professional-grade extraction equipment to remove water from the floor, carpets, carpet padding and upholstery. Our certified technicians know how to remove the water while protecting your belongings.

Whether a leak created a small puddle on the carpet or a major problem flooded the basement, our certified professionals will act fast to protect your home, business and your belongings.

Why Choose Aqua Dry For Water Damage?

24 Hr Emergency
Flood Damage

Floods don’t wait to happen when it is most convenient for you. Flood or Water Damage can happen at any time. Fortunately for you we provide 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service 7 days a week 365 days a year. Even if it is in the middle of the night we want to get to your flooded home or business as soon as possible to mitigate as much loss as possible.

Emergency Water

When your home has been flooded, either by a natural disaster or a plumping failure, the first thing that needs to be done is to remove the water from your home as soon as possible. If the water is not cleaned up quickly or correctly, the flood damage can become much worse that it has to be. If your home has flood water damage call us immediately.

High Capacity
Structural Drying

After your home or business has sustained water damage and the visible water has been removed, the structure could still need further clean up. Water can soak into the wood studs or other structural elements without you knowing. This is where the real danger for your home and health is. It is most important that the unseen water gets removed.

Home Water Damage: What to Do First

After any home emergency, the safety of your family is most important. In the case of water damage, there are 10 essential steps for water extraction you can do while waiting for assistance. However, it’s best to do only those things you know you can do safely. Once we arrive, we’ll help you assess the situation further and take action to prevent additional damage to your property


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water extraction - aqua dry

Water Extraction & Drying

Water extraction and drying using professional-grade equipment by our experienced and certified professionals.

Advanced Moisture Detection

We Use state-of-the-art moisture detection equipment to find the hidden water damage problems that may often occur.
flood cleanup - aqua dry

Potential Problem Detection

Inspecting the area to detect potential problems such as mold, rot, bubbling paint, faulty wiring and other problems.
Water Damage Restoration | Aqua Dry Restoration

Handle Insurance Claims

Helping you handle your insurance claim. We’ll work with your insurance company to file your claim